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We declare our commitment
to society and to the environment.

On behalf of our collaborators, customers and consumers,
we carry out actions for the benefit of people and for the futures of Brazil and the world.

We understand that the sustainability of our business depends on the responsible use of all resources: material, natural and human. We avoid waste of any kind, using the most efficient production processes, since we are aware that waste harms the company, the environment and society as a whole.

See our Charter of Conduct

Taking care of people, our well-being and the environment is part of who we are.

We are aware that the environment belongs to all of us and is the source of the natural resources necessary for our survival as individuals and as a business.

Learn more about our work with company-sponsored Social Actions and the causes that we support throughout the country.

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Prepared annually, it is a written expression
of our commitment to society.

Providing clear, objective and concise information, it is based on the principles of transparency, accountability and corporate responsibility.

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