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“Our responsibility to the community is great, with the products that we offer people. At the same time, it is important to influence the development of the coffee sector in Brazil and worldwide.”

pedro limaPresident

Pleasure is in simple things.

Provide enjoyable experiences that promote happiness and well-being, creating lasting bonds and generating value for all.

Our Values

  • Simplicity and Sincerity

    Clarity, simplicity and sincerity in relationships.

  • Perseverance with Agility

    Make sure that things happen safely and quickly - and go all the way.

  • Innovation

    Daringness and innovation in creating opportunities.

  • Passion

    Enthusiasm and passion in everything we do.

  • Care

    Responsibility and care in all of our attitudes.

  • Socio-environmental Responsibility

    Contribute to the development of the community and the preservation of the environment.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Having a sense of ownership and always doing more and better

Management Policy

Satisfy consumers and customers with quality products and services, through continuous improvement, innovation and the strengthening of ties set with our stakeholders, aiming at sustainable growth, through:

  • Quality assurance and food safety;

  • Compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to the business and stakeholders;

  • People development according to our essence and culture;

  • Implementation and application of processes that promote people's health and safety, environmental protection, and pollution prevention;

  • Innovation through our processes, products and services;

  • The Management System continuous improvement to achieve the desired results;

  • Opportunities and risks assessment to support the application of good practices in our operations.

The triad that inspires our logo depicts the coexistence of the forces and pleasures of knowledge, good flavors and a good life.