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The growth of 3corações is intertwined with the evolution of coffee in Brazil and the world.

Much has changed in the coffee industry in Brazil since 1959, when we started selling coffee in Rio Grande do Norte.


Coffee is planted for the first time in Brazil.


The first automatic espresso machine is invented.


Brazil becomes the world’s largest coffee producer.


The United States includes instant coffee in their soldiers’ provisions during World War II.


Cappuccino, as we know it today, is born.


Instant coffee comes to Brazil.


João Alves de Lima starts selling green coffee in São Miguel (Rio Grande do Norte) and begins the business that will later become the 3corações Group.


The company, in addition to selling coffee, begins to roast and grind coffee beans. At the time, the brand was called Café Nossa Senhora de Fatima.


The growing appreciation of the products encourages the company to expand the business with the purchasing of green coffee in the coffee growing regions of Brazil.


ABIC (Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry) is founded, with João Alves de Lima as one of the founding partners.


João Alves de Lima hands over the command of the company’s operation to his children Pedro, Paulo and Vicente Lima. A process of technological modernization and market expansion begins.


The company is renamed Santa Clara and it introduces new packaging for the product.


The International Coffee Agreement is renewed, aimed at stabilizing the price of coffee internationally.


The first sales and distribution subsidiary is inaugurated in Mossoró (Rio Grande do Norte).


The International Coffee Agreement, aimed at stabilizing the price of coffee internationally, comes to an end.

The company expands in the North and Northeast with the founding of the plant in Eusébio (Ceará) and the creation of Santa Clara Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos Ltda.


The plant in Eusébio (Ceará) is inaugurated. Expansion begins in the North and Northeast. The General Warehouses are inaugurated in Manhuaçu (Minas Gerais).


The 1st Sales Meeting in Fortaleza (Ceará) is held.


The Industrial Plant of Moinho Santa Clara is inaugurated in Mossoró (Rio Grande do Norte) to develop products used in northeastern cuisine. Dona Clara is born.


The practice of Corporate Governance is formalized. The Organizational and Strategic Identity of the Santa Clara Group is consolidated.


World coffee consumption surpasses the milestone of 100 million bags.
The Kimimo coffee brand is acquired, allowing the Group to become one of the leading companies in the coffee sector. The General Warehouses are inaugurated in Vitória da Conquista (Bahia).


The production of specialty coffees begins to appear in Brazil.


The Sales and Distribution Center is built in Eusébio (Ceará) and the Group’s logistics platform is created. The facilities for roasting and grinding coffee and the production of instant coffee in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) are constructed.


São Miguel Holding is created, a company belonging to the Lima family.


The Integrated Information System (SAP System) is implemented. ISO 9001 Quality Management System (BRTUV Certifier) certification is obtained.


The single-dose coffee machine, that uses capsules, comes to Brazil.


Santa Clara becomes the # 1 brand of coffee in the North and Northeast of Brazil.
The first records of the Group’s policy “Way of Being: Essence of the Charter of Conduct” appears.


The company expands to the Southeast with the incorporation of the Pimpinela brand, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is the first step towards national expansion.


All the Industrial Units of the Santa Clara Group are automated.
Exports of green coffee, roasted and ground coffee begin.


The joint venture between São Miguel and Israel Strauss is concluded, with the incorporation of the brand 3corações. Two families, one vision, one company.


The company begins expansion throughout Brazil.


The inauguration of the General Warehouses in Varginha (Minas Gerais). Santa Clara becomes a national brand.


New brands are incorporated into the product lines: Café Letícia from the North of Minas Gerais and the Frisco and Tornado brands of powdered drinks.
The Charter of Conduct is created: a document that represents the Company’s ethos and guidelines for routine actions.


Change of the Corporate Brand and update of the Organization’s Identity. Inauguration of the powdered drink factory in Mossoró (Rio Grande do Norte). The Customer care and the 3corações ethical relations channel begin activities throughout Brazil.


Market consolidation continues. Fino Grão coffee from Minas Gerais is incorporated into the product portfolio. The 3corações School of Trades and Flavors is inaugurated in Eusébio (Ceará).

#PRONTO cappuccino is launched, the first ready-to-drink coffee marketed by 3corações.



The TRES® solution is launched. The Group enters the Brazilian market of portable electric machines and single-dose coffees.


The Itamaraty coffee brand, a traditional brand from Paraná, the market leader in Londrina and the region, is incorporated into the product portfolio. The Manufacturing Plant of Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) is expanded.


The Manufacturing Plant of Santa Luzia (Minas Gerais) is expanded. Creation of the Escola do Café (Coffee School) and training of the Group’s managers. The Charter of Conduct is updated.


The acquisition of the business related to the retail coffee and derivative brands of Cia. Iguaçu: Iguaçu, Cruzeiro and Amigo.

3corações becomes the second largest supplier of instant coffee in the Brazilian market and begins exporting other products in the portfolio to Latin America.

A joint venture between 3corações and the Italian Caffitaly System is created for the construction of the new, single-dose Capsule Factory for the TRES® Solution, in Montes Claros (Minas Gerais).


Inauguration of the new Moinho Factory – Mossoró (RN)



Inauguration of the 3Caffi Capsule Factory – Montes Claros (MG)



Grupo 3corações’ New Institutional Video reinforces the company’s mission in providing enjoyable experiences for its thousands of consumers, and honors its employees who turn the pleasure of simple things into lovely experiences.


Café Cirol back to the market

The products family of Grupo 3corações receives another member: Café Cirol. Since 2009, far from the gondolas, the traditional recifense brand is part of the portfolio of the largest coffee group in Brazil.


Café Manaus, a traditional brand in the north of Brazil, since 1956, has entered the product portfolio.

Café Manaus


Inauguration of the factory – Manaus | AM

Grupo 3corações complete 60 years.