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At the 3corações Group, we build long-term partnerships. If you want to be a business partner of the largest coffee company in Brazil, access the information on our page.

Already our supplier?

Access the platform through the links below to consult information on your registration, perform maintenance, update approval documents, and respond to your quotes.

Enter your login and password. In case of difficulties, contact Electronic Market support: (11) 2175 3600 - option 4 (Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) or by e-mail at fornecedorpaas@me.com.br.


"In this area, you can perform/consult the pre-registration and approval of your company in our database.


In this area, you can access the quotation processes in which your company was invited to participate, to send us your commercial and technical proposals.

How to be a 3corações supplier?


In this area, you can perform/consult the pre-registration and approval of your company in our database.


Initial StepProfile Registration and Pre-Registration of the Company

• Click on the "REGISTRATION AND APPROVAL" link to register the user on the Electronic Market platform - Access Here the Practical Guide;

• The login and password will be sent to your email for further access to the platform;

• When logging in, you should start the pre-registration by filling in the basic registration information requested - Access Here the Practical Guide;

• The filled-in information will be available to the competent areas. If there is interest and necessity, your company's approval will be requested.

NOTE: The pre-registration does not guarantee a business relationship and does not establish any obligation for the 3corações Group to invite participation in the quotation processes and/or hire suppliers that are approved at this stage.

Supplier Approval Stage

• If the company is invited to go through the approval process, the user will receive a notification via email and through the Electronic Market platform;

• The company's CNPJ will undergo consultations with public databases, and can proceed to the next stage only if there are no types of restrictions;

• The user must access, log in and follow the following steps: - Acceptance and electronic signature of the terms available on the platform; - Answer the self-assessment questionnaire; - Attach the additional documents requested on the platform.

Completion of Registration

• The specialist areas of the 3corações Group will evaluate all the information and documents sent. If the company meets the requirements demanded in the process, the registration will be completed. The registration process is carried out internally directly in our ERP.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. With the pre-registration completed, can I already be a supplier of the 3corações Group?

If the buyer identifies the need for hiring, an invitation for approval and completion of the registration process will be sent.

2. What should I do if I am not approved in the registration and/or approval process?

In this case, a notification will occur via email and on the Electronic Market platform indicating what was pending.
When the adjustment of the pending issue(s) occurs, the process will be reassessed.

3. Can I register more than one contact email?

Yes. At the time of pre-registration, it will be possible to inform additional emails. These users will be able to access and update the registration data.
For the quotes, only the main contact will be able to respond to them.

4. How will updates in the processes (registration, approval, quotation, etc) be communicated?

The registered contacts will receive notifications via email and through the Electronic Market platform.

5. In case of change of CNPJ or need to register a branch, how to proceed?

It is necessary to carry out the entire process of pre-registration, approval, and registration of the new CNPJ or new branch.
Within the platform, branch registrations will be linked to the registration of the head office, but a registration and approval process must be requested for each CNPJ.

6. What is the return time for the completion of the registration process?

After submitting the documents, the process should be completed within 7 business days.
If there are any issues with the documentation, this period may be longer.

7. After the approval process is completed and approved, will it need to be renewed?

Yes. Depending on the provided category, approval will be renewed every 12 or 24 months.
Documents that have validity must always be updated when expired. Users will be notified whenever there is a need to update documentation.

8. I forgot my password. What to do?

Visit the platform page at the link: https://3coracoes.miisy.com/login; click on "Forgot your password?" and enter your email. You will receive instructions to register a new password.
If you have any doubts, contact support by phone (11) 2175 3600 - option 4 (Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm) or by email at fornecedorpaas@me.com.br.

9. The registered user has left the company. How to change this information?

You must contact the Mercado Eletrônico support by phone (11) 2175 3600 - option 4 (Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm) or by email at fornecedorpaas@me.com.br.

10. How do I update my registration?

Check the following step by step guide.

11. Can I be a supplier for the 3corações Group without registering on the Mercado Eletrônico platform?

All registrations in our supplier relationship systems will be carried out through ME.

12. Is any fee payment required?

To work with the 3corações Group on the ME platform, there are no costs.