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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

The Customer Care is a direct and accessible channel of communication between 3corações and all its audiences, dealing with matters related to the way of being 3corações declared in the Letter of Conduct.

In what situations should it be triggered?
The Customer Care seeks a more adequate solution for cases that were not well resolved by the formal sectors, either due to limited scope or operational failures. The channel acts as a mediator between possible conflicts of rules and in cases of reporting non-compliance.

How does it work?
The Customer Care receives, records and handles manifestations, through specialists able to listen and understand people, based on current laws and the way of being of 3corações.

Who can talk to the Customer Care?
Anyone can get in touch: employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, partners and the community in general.

Are my data and the report I make safe?
Your data is safe and confidentiality is guaranteed. We guarantee that your manifestation is investigated independently, without breach of confidentiality, without intimidation or retaliation to the protester.

The Customer Care 3corações can be accessed via e-mail: ouvidoria@3coracoes.com.br

The negotiations will be carried out from Monday to Friday during business hours (Brasilia time). Except national holidays.