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Separated by distance, but united by the heart

We believe that putting your heart into everything we do, has never made so much sense. Ours are committed to doing the best right now. But while all this is not over, we need to put into practice, in the now, the world we want to live, starting with ourselves. In this first phase, we are providing approximately BRL 5.4 million to contribute to two major causes: fighting hunger and supporting public health.

Meet our initiatives:


Meet some of our initiatives:

Donations of mechanical respirators to public hospitals in the states of Minas Gerais, Ceará and São Paulo.

Donation of approximately 270 thousand fabric masks to 51 municipalities in Rio Grande do Norte.

Maintenance of the ICU and Tomography Units, and purchase of medicines for the treatment of patients in Santa Casa de Formiga/MG.

Partnership with SINDICAFÉ, from Rio Grande do Norte, for the production of “face shield” protection masks, which were delivered to public hospitals.

Donation of hospital supplies directly to the cities of São Miguel and Mossoró in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Donations for the acquisition of two ICU beds and all necessary equipment for operation at the Hospital de Amor in Barretos, in São Paulo. And 60 beds and accessories to the Government of the State of Ceará that were used in field hospitals and Emergency Care Units.

Adaptation of the Group's coffee filter factory, located in Nova Iguaçu/RJ, for making disposable facial masks. They will have the same shape as a coffee filter, but will be produced with special paper, in partnership with Ahlstrom-Munksjö - a global leader in fiber-based solutions, which has extensive experience and a portfolio of medical and hospital products. We also have the support of Ibratec, one of the largest packaging companies in Latin America for packaging development. In this first phase, 500 thousand units will be produced, which will be donated to needy communities.


Meet some of our initiatives:

Donations of more than 125 tons of products, for the composition of basic baskets that will be donated to needy families affected by COVID-19 throughout Brazil through partnerships with customers, social institutions and NGOs.

Donation for the purchase of more than 20 thousand basic food baskets that will be distributed by 53 NGOs throughout Brazil through the Fraternity without Borders. The action will boost the local economy where the baskets will be distributed, since the purchase of groceries will be made in small local businesses.

Donation of food baskets to social institutions in Fortaleza through FIEC/CE, together with IEL and unions.

Donation of food baskets to indigenous coffee producers in Rondônia, in the Sete de Setembro (Cacoal) and Rio Branco (Alta Floresta) indigenous lands.


We are a food industry and, more than ever, we are committed to the country in the face of the coronavirus crisis: our products need to reach consumers' table every day. And, to answer this call, part of our teams remains strong in the work in our Units and in the market. All to ensure that our quality, flavors and energy help the Brazilian people to fight this battle that belongs to all of us.

Coronavirus crisis management commission

Every day, a multidisciplinary team meets to define prevention strategies and initiatives that have the least impact on the areas' work routine, in addition to receiving and analyzing doubts from employees.

Alcohol in gel (sanitizer)

All our Units expanded the common points of alcohol in gel, and the product was also made available in the work areas and in the trucks and vehicles of our fleet.

Reduced trips

One of the first measures adopted by the company was to reduce business and training travels, congresses, etc. Since travel has been reduced, employees are conducting alignments and virtual meetings.

Working from home

All to reduce the number of people circulating in the company: employees who perform functions that can be performed from a distance and have internet at home now work from home.

Health monitoring

Setting of health monitoring protocols for all employees, under the leadership of the company's Corporate Medicine service, with referral of symptomatic professionals to telemedicine appointments, exams and hospital follow-up, if necessary.

Distribution of fabric masks and face shields

Fabric masks and face shields have been delivered to all employees since March. Priority was given to professionals active outside the home, that is, who are working on site at our Units, in activities related to the distribution of products and supplying the market. All others will be covered as they return to physical work at the company.

Taking the temperature

All professionals who come to our Units - own or third parties - undergo a temperature testing procedure with an infrared thermometer, 100% safe. Those with a temperature above 37.5o are advised to return to their residence for the necessary medical guidance.

Environment disinfection

Adoption of new disinfection routines for internal and external areas, with an effective action agent against the virus, intensification of daily disinfection routes for door handles, doors, handrails, guard rails and other contact surfaces inside and outside the factory environment, and increasing the frequency of sanitizing and washing equipment and production utensils.

In order to honor our workers who are on the front line, we created an internal campaign "Our heroes don't wear capes" and invite their families to leave messages of encouragement and recognition for their effort so that Brazil does not stop.